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Agroecology is of utmost importance in our quest for sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. By integrating ecological principles, it fosters biodiversity and enhances soil health. Embracing agroecology enables us to cultivate productive and environmentally friendly farming systems. It empowers farmers to work in harmony with nature, promoting long-term sustainability while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. I participate in European projects, such as Olives alive (my PhD thesis was conducted within this framework), AGRABIES, RECOVECOS, SHOWCASE or SAFEGUARD, to improve the quality of agroecosystems (mainly olive tree crops and other permanent tree crops), with a special focus on pollinators in Southern Spain.


The macroecology of birds unveils the fascinating patterns and processes underlying bird distributions and diversity across large geographic scales. By studying the main drivers of species richness, different functional traits, and phylogenetic diversity we gain insights into the ecological dynamics that shape avian assemblages. Through this knowledge, we can better inform conservation strategies, preserve critical habitats, predict future responses, and protect the remarkable diversity of bird species worldwide. Embracing the macroecology of birds provides a valuable framework for understanding and conserving avian biodiversity in a rapidly changing world.